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The Estonian Academy of Sciences is honoured to convene the 17th Baltic Conference on Intellectual Co-operation (BCIC) in Tallinn on 28–29 June 2021. The event includes a meeting of the Presidents of Academies around the Baltic Sea and the Pre-seminar on Energetics.

The main theme Mathematics for Society is motivated by massive contribution of many scientists into the analysis of processes during the COVID-19 pandemic and design of the exit strategy of this pandemic. While the efforts of medical experts and life scientists have been widely recognised, the related developments in exact sciences, informatics, and engineering are still to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Programme [ Estonian Academy of Sciences].

About the Baltic Conferences on Intellectual Co-operation [Estonian Academy of Sciences].

Source: Estonian Academy of Sciences.


The laureates of the Medal of the Baltic Academies of Sciences were announced at the Baltic Conference on Intellectual Cooperation “Mathematics for Society” taking place at the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

The members of the academy of sciences of the three countries received the dignified award:

Tiit Tammaru,  Professor of  Urban and Population Geography at the University of Tartu,
Andris Ambainis, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Latvia,
Valdemaras Razumas, Professor of Chemistry at Vilnius University. 

The winner of the honorary medal of the Baltic Academies of Sciences is Edwin Kreuzer, the President of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg and Professor of Mechanics at the Technical University of Hamburg.

Tiit Tammaru was awarded for his scientific excellence on urban and population geography, successful implementation of mathematical analysis of social processes and for making the hidden processes in society perceivable, visible and understandable.

Andris Ambainis was awarded the Baltic Academy medal for scientific excellence in research centered around developing new algorithms for quantum computers. Prof. Ambainis has developed quantum walks into a major method for constructing quantum algorithms and invented the quantum adversary method for proving optimality of quantum algorithms 

Valdemaras Razumas got the prize for strengthening scientific cooperation between the Baltic countries in his role as a president of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and a vice-minister of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania. 

Edwin Kreuzer was awarded for the advancement of scientific cooperation between the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg and the Baltic Academies of Sciences.

The Medal of the Baltic Academies of Sciences has been awarded since 1999 at the Baltic Conferences on Intellectual Cooperation. 

Photos from the announcement of medal laureates

The Medal of the Baltic Academies is awarded for contribution to promoting cooperation of the Baltic States and for achievements in science. Previous laureates can be found on the website of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

Source: Estonian Academy of Sciences (28/06/2021).


Meeting of the Presidents of Academies, XVII Baltic Conference on Intellectual Co-operation Mathematics for Society, 29 June 2021, Notes of Discussion (pdf)

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